DJ lessons

You want to learn how to DJ but what’s your first step and what’s the process?

The internet may be a wealth of information but without structure it becomes chaos.

How can Pixelwave help?

Our tutor Rob is a really laid back, patient and experienced tutor who has created a structured course that takes you from the basics to the advanced in all aspects of DJing.

Having DJed since 1999 (self taught as there were no DJ Schools around then), his experience has taken him DJing cruise ships around the world, residencies with Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound and Ibiza, festivals in Romania and Croatia and even winning a Movida Corona DJ Competition!
He currently DJs clubs and bars across the whole South Coast UK in open-format, which means mixed music genres and decades… so you name it, Rob has experience playing it.

So you’re in perfect hands!



– Setting Up The Equipment.

– Understanding The Equipment.

– What is Beat-Matching and Understanding its Importance.

– Phrasing – Crafting Seamless Mixes.

– Mixing Two Tracks Together.

– How to Source Your Music.


– Music Organisation

– Reading your tracks and planning ahead.

– How EQ can make your mixes better.

– The use of FX and filters.

– Why audio quality matters.

– Improving mixes by mixing in key and using the Camelot Wheel.


– Understanding Tempo/Energy/Style and why it’s important.

– Tailoring your mix it to your environment and setting.

– Reading a room and why it’s important.

– Planning Sets.

– Cross-genre mixing.

– Mixing in and out of different sections creatively.

So whether you’re a beginner or looking to up your game, get in touch today and let’s start your journey as a DJ!

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